miss A officially disbanded by JYPE, leave behind a bunch of hits and what-ifs

The writing was already literally put on (or off) a wall for miss A when JYP Entertainment replaced miss A’s poster with Suzy‘s, and now JYPE has officially disbanded the group. That should come as a surprise to absolutely nobody, and at least it gives fans closure rather than letting miss A continue on in group purgatory.

Given that they’ve only comeback once since 2013, it’s easy for people to forget that for a three-year run, miss A were among the girl group elite. Still, they ended up with eight singles in seven years, which is nothing for a K-pop idol group with their level of success. So one has to wonder what could’ve been for them had they continued at their 2010-12 pace. Of course, from JYPE’s perspective, the decision to give them just two singles and two comebacks from 2013-17 is arguably defensible given Suzy and her superstardom becoming the priority. However, it does leave one wondering what might’ve been for miss A had the group itself ended up being the focal point.


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