‘What Happened In Bali’ getting a remake to troll new generation of viewers

2004 drama What Happened In Bali is reportedly getting a remake in 2018, which means a whole new generation gets to be trolled.

On December 28, a source from the industry reported that the drama will be returning with a 2018 version. It was further reported that the remake will be directed by PD Choi Moon Suk, the same producing director who had worked on the original. In response to these reports, a source from production company A STORY stated, “We’re working on improving the script, but we haven’t decided on a remake yet.” Another source from the company, however, issued a conflicting statement, saying, “We will be doing a remake of ‘What Happened In Bali,’ and it will be directed by the producing director of the original version.” “The remake scheduled for next year is our company’s first production. No other details have been finalized yet,” the source added.

If you’re unfamiliar with what I’m talking about, then consider yourself fortunate.


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