Dreamcatcher tell AsianStar they want an even darker concept + Siyeon stays in bed all day

Dreamcatcher recently gave an exclusive interview to AsianStar, and the whole thing is worth a read. What I enjoyed in particular were their comments on their dark concept and how everybody except Handong either wants to just keep it or go even darker.

3. You made your debut with a strong mysterious concept and stole hearts of many people even here in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Do you plan on continuing this type of genre or do you want to explore different concepts?
Dami: I don’t want to change our concept. And it’s my personal wish, but we can do darker concept than what we’ve adopted.
JiU: I want to maintain this concept constantly to make the unique conceptual stories of Dreamcatcher more colourful and high-quality.
Gahyeon: I think we are going to talk more about dreams. Because we have many dreams, I suppose we can adopt several concepts based on those dreams.
SuA: I hoped to have a unique color (as a group), so now I’m quite proud of doing dark-mood rock music. I want to show this genre and concept for a while.
Siyeon: I’m quite eager to keep this concept, but sometimes I think of trying even darker concepts.
Yoohyeon: I don’t want to change the genre of music, rock music, which is the main genre of the group. In that category, I wish we could express different color of music, for example mysterious and mystic.
Handong: Yes, I do. Though I like the genre we’re doing now, it would be nice to try different concepts if there was a chance.

God I hope they just stick with it. Even if their time is shorter, at least it’ll be amazing.

Also, um, I love Siyeon.

Siyeon: Hi, I’m Siyeon, the main singer and the lone wolf of Dreamcatcher.

Siyeon: Nothing much… Relax at home. Do everything in my bed.

Marry me.


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