BTOB’s Eunkwang and WINNER’s Mino are the next celebrity couple of 2018

Following the burgeoning relationship of HyunA and KARD‘s Somin, it seems like another celebrity couple is on the verge of happening, as BTOB‘s Eunkwang and WINNER‘s Mino have exchanged numbers.

Eunkwang got the ball rolling by stating that he’s a fan of Mino and was gonna exchange numbers with him.

Then Eunkwang showed his shameless thirst during the Red Carpet of the ‘Golden Disc Awards‘, freaking out when Mino appeared.

Fortunately, this would not go down as a one-sided love, as Mino reciprocated by confirming an exchange of numbers and saying he wanted to meet with Eunkwang.

Then, the magic truly happened. While Eunkwang was on Instagram Live, he got a text from Mino and almost had an aneurysm.

2018 is not slowing down at all with the relationship stuff.


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