BTS fans under fire for terrible treatment of event staff at fanmeeting

Another day, another fandom mess. This time it’s BTS fans under fire for treating security and workers at a fanmeeting terribly. Reportedly, the cause of all the disrespect was the fans were being beaten by batons and … just kidding, it’s because fans like totally really wanted their goods, you guys.

In one video, they’re seen knocking over metal barriers…

…and in another, vulgarities are being screamed at event staff.

A primary reason this has blown up is the marquee fanwar of this generation between EXO and BTS stans, and people are obsessing over how the BTS fans insulted EXO fans and EXO members for no reason, but dissing a rival fandom and the rival group is a daily occurrence on both sides and is frankly mild as hell (calling bystanders criminals like they’re accessories to murder is lol). Let the fandoms fight with each other, whatever.

The thing that is actually shitty to me is how terribly the BTS fans treated innocent event staff that just came to do their job, all cause they wanted access to fucking fanmeeting goods. And of course treating the event staff decently is what commonly gets overlooked by fandoms in their bickering because people don’t actually care about the wrongs, they just want to score points against another fandom, which is why things haven’t changed a bit on this front throughout the years and probably never will. A mess … so nothing new.


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