BoA & Siedah Garrett cover Michael Jackson’s “Man In The Mirror” for some reason

Just generally speaking, it’s a terrible idea to cover Michael Jackson songs because everybody usually knows what they sound like and thus it’s almost impossible to do the original justice. Still, BoA and Siedah Garrett (who was a writer and composer on the original) decided to do a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Man In The Mirror” for ‘SM Station‘ anyway.

Garrett did the background vocals on the original, so I expected her to come with it, and she did credibly well. But BoA isn’t exactly a vocal powerhouse and she’s not quite fluent in English, so this seemed like an iffy idea from conception. However, I think she did about as well as could be expected all things considered (though everybody doing background vocals probably would’ve been better, let’s be honest).

Anyway, I stick by my theory that Michael Jackson covers aren’t a great idea.


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Thot Leader™