Kyung Hee University says CNBLUE’s Yonghwa’s grad school admission violated rules

The preferential admission controversy involving CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa and Kyung Hee University doesn’t seem to be letting up, as an official of the university told SBS‘s ‘One Night Of TV Entertainment‘ that the idol’s admission violated rules.

On the January 23rd episode, the show followed the controversy and clarified aspects of FNC Entertainment’s statement. The agency previously alleged, “We were told his personal interview was the official school interview. The professor contacted us and told us there was nothing to worry about.” Kyung Hee University officially responded, “There is no instance of a graduate school admission interview happening outside of the campus. It’s a violation of our admission rules.”

Seems to me like both FNC Entertainment and Kyung Hee University are trying to put the responsibility for this mess on the professor, but judging by how this whole thing has unfolded, I’m thinking that’s not gonna work.


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