MOMOLAND’s “Bboom Bboom” accused of plagiarizing SEREBRO’s “Mi Mi Mi”, Shinsadong Tiger & Beomi Nangi deny

MOMOLAND‘s “Bboom Bboom” is facing accusations of plagiarizing SEREBRO‘s “Mi Mi Mi“, putting producers Shinsadong Tiger and Beomi Nangi on the hot seat. Rather than just netizens running their mouth, this time it’s the group’s Instagram account itself making the accusation, “The world is slowly plagiarizing music from Russia.

Meanwhile, a rep for the producing duo have acknowledged that there are similarities but denied plagiarism.

In response to the plagiarism accusations, a representative from Shinsadong Tiger and Beomi Nangi’s side stated, “The intro portion of the song can sound familiar due to the similarities in genre and guitar riffs, but the melody and chord progression are completely different [from ‘Mi Mi Mi’]. It seems that the misunderstanding arose from the fact that the bass line and 4-measure chord progression [used in the song] are common characteristics of the retro house and swing electronic genre,” they explained.

Kpopalypse is a lazy piece of shit, so there isn’t a technical breakdown of this yet. Still, anytime chords are mentioned, I get the urge to post The Axis Of Awesome‘s “4 Chords“.

I hear similarities, but I also hear differences as well. And honestly, initially what I thought “Bboom Bboom” sounded like was “Nyam Nyam Jjop Jjop” by Hyerin and Junghwa of EXID and “My Copycat” by Orange Caramel. So it might actually be the electro swing genre, I dunno. Either way, glad the sound has evolved into multiple superior bops.

As always, I’ll stay out of making absolute judgments since I don’t think it’s obvious one way or another and I honestly don’t know shit. That doesn’t stop most people though, so have at it, baybee.


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