BTS fans shut down Toronto radio station wanting to make a K-pop hour due to … uh, reasons

Hits 93 Toronto, which claims to be “Canada’s Most Followed Radio Station”, recently wanted to dedicate an hour of their broadcast to K-pop. Sounds like a rather innocuous idea, right? Well, apparently not.

The account appears to have deleted earlier tweets, but the replies to this APOLOGY to K-pop fans for wanting to create a K-pop hour (stop laughing, seriously) tell me that it has to do with BTS fans not wanting EXO (and the rest of K-pop) to ride on their coattails or something like that. So once again, that dumbass fanwar shows its ass.


The weirdest part is seeing BTS fans be proud of doing this or something.

To sane people, this is weird as hell, right? A radio station wanted to make a K-pop hour, and they sure as fuck weren’t gonna play EXO for the entire fucking hour every fucking day, so what in the hell are BTS fans trying to block by doing this? K-pop? My god.

If BTS stans truly believe their group are pioneers, then do they not understand that groups get remembered/respected as such for the groups that follow them, not for shutting down any groups that might? Imagine if every pioneer felt this way, especially in K-pop, where a lot of those pioneers are still active because it was only a couple decades ago that they were breaking barriers for groups like BTS. K-pop as we know it wouldn’t even exist.

My brain hurts.


Also, I’ve seen this video making the rounds. Please tell me this is a fucking parody or something.


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