Amaki Sally’s blog on 22/7’s official site involves her testing what she can get away with

Belatedly doing a recap on Amaki Sally‘s comings and goings is always worth it for me because she’s basically always entertaining in some form or another. Usually it’s stuff she’s done on Showroom, but this time it’s what she’s been doing on the blog of 22/7‘s official site, which is basically testing how far she can push the envelope without getting fired.


In one particularly memorable blog, she questions whether management even knows what she’s doing in her English-language posts in the title, then puts a bunch of emojis and a meme of herself loving Cheetos in the body. Point proven. In another, she posts about being narcoleptic and her friends hating her for it. And in a recent entry, she deals with snow like a normal human, by smashing her face into it.

Perhaps most notable, however, is the contrast between her Japanese-language blogs and her English-language blogs.

Never change.


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