[Review] Suzy’s “Holiday” creates a tranquil atmosphere, but that’s about it

Thus far, Suzy’s solo music has often been more about aesthetic than dynamic composition. She possesses the kind of soft vocal that lends itself well to this relaxing style, even if it’s not the type of thing to appeal to my tastes. This makes it difficult to review most of her work, as it feels more like reviewing a mood than an actual song. There’s just not a whole lot to write about.

This isn’t meant as a dig. After all, a song like “Holiday” is not attempting to shove a bunch of musical elements down your throat at once. It feels more like a slightly abstract watercolor painting, inviting listeners to gaze aimlessly and just kind of get lost in the pleasantness of it. And on those merits, the mellow vibe of “Holiday” gets the job done. Its instrumental presents a luxurious soundscape of hushed synths and jazzy ornamentation, incorporating gentle percussion only during the chorus.

Suzy’s voice acts as yet another instrument, continually perched between a whisper and a serenade. JYP’s famed ‘half air, half sound’ philosophy is on full display here, and it works well to foster the song’s ethereal tone. A mid-song rap verse by DPR Live feels a bit out of place within the song’s otherwise light breeziness, but it’s brief enough not to totally upend the flow. As a whole, the song acts as an effective soundtrack for a certain type of listener. It may not be for me, but I can appreciate its tranquil nature.


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