Wendy was on high school golf team with hockey gold medalist Amanda Kessel, who tweeted to Red Velvet

In things-I-was-surprised-to-learn news, Wendy of Red Velvet not only went to the same high school as recent gold medalist Amanda Kessel of the American women’s hockey team that recently made Canadians cry into their maple syrup, but they were also both on the same golf team.

After presumably being inundated with people letting her know that Wendy is actually her classmate and teammate, Amanda Kessel herself tweeted at Red Velvet’s official Twitter account, asking if she indeed went to that high school.

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!


Recognition from Western sports stars, the only Western validation that matters to me, baby.

Baseball players would be the peak, IMO. Baseball is wonderful, and if you disagree, you should be executed. Thank you.


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