Hyoeun aptly describes STELLAR’s disbandment as “refreshing and disappointing”

In a recent phone interview with Star News, Hyoeun of STELLAR talked about the group’s disbandment, most notably that she basically felt about it how fans did.

She said, “I’m not that depressed. I’d already been preparing for the disbandment even before the news came out. It’s both refreshing and disappointing.”

Yeah, that about sums it up.

It sucks, but thank god you’re done and out of that hell company.

On her label, she said, “We had hard times at our label. We didn’t agree on the direction of our problems, and had friction in general. Stellar has a special place in my heart, so this decision is disappointing, but it was a decision that came after a lot of thought. After the news, I haven’t been able to contact the CEO.”

Thank you, Hyoeun for making my job easy for me by summing up both my feelings about the disbandment and by including that last sentence about the company that sums them up.



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