Ministry Of Education demands cancellation of acceptance for Yonghwa & cancellation of graduation for Jo Kwon

Investigations into Kyung Hee University have concluded, and the Ministry Of Education has called for the cancellation of acceptances for three people, the cancellation of graduation for one person, and the punishment of seven professors who provided preferential treatment. A students who may have his cancellation revoked is Yonghwa of CNBLUE, and a student who may have his graduation cancelled is Jo Kwon.

The three students up for cancellation of acceptance are CNBLUE’s Yonghwa, a ‘Kim’ that is an entrepreneur, and singer-songwriter Cho Kyu Man. The student up for cancellation of graduation is 2AM’s Jo Kwon. heir investigation found that the three mentioned above were accepted to the school without the necessary interview for acceptance. They have concluded that Professor Lee, who was the Dean of Admissions at the time, had falsely given them interview scores. Jo Kwon was found to have gotten his degree without following the school’s requirements for graduation. The Ministry of Education said, “We will be looking over the police investigation and go through a council to decide the detailed punishment level for those involved. If the university does not follow the orders, we will be taking legal action such as banning them from taking any more students.”

The findings on Yonghwa shouldn’t be much of a surprise if you’ve been following along, but there appears to be more disbelief on Jo Kwon’s involvement. I think it goes to show regardless of passionate denials on social media, things apparently happened that led to him unfairly attaining graduation, and responsibility for this is something he appears to have accepted.


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