Day6’s Jae apologizes for … some shit that I don’t think people were even mad about

Day6‘s Jae released an apology over people allegedly (because I certainly didn’t see anybody making a thing out of this) being mad over comments he made regarding first dates on ‘Monday Music Charts‘ with Bernard Park as DJ.

I guess if you really want to dig and somehow attribute venom to his words and just ignore the overall jocular tone, then one could force themselves into being offended, but it just seems like common sense advice that’s framed in a way that revolves around him being a straight dude more than anything else.

Honestly, it’s probably just good advice for both men and women, which is exactly why a lot of first meetings happen over coffee and shit, not at a five-star restaurant. You know, find out if the person is worth a shit before investing anything financially or emotionally.

Regardless, to play it safe, he released an apology.

I don’t think it was necessary, personally. Much ado about nothing, and I’m not even sure there was much ado.


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