[Review] Euphoric chorus of GOT7’s “Look” contrasts with momentum-killing verses

Oh, GOT7. I want to love your music. I really do. Your first two years were full of addictive hits that struck a perfect balance between pop and hip-hop. But ever since 2016’s Fly, I’ve struggled to connect with what is clearly becoming your signature style.

Seriously, though, I feel like a broken record whenever reviewing a new GOT7 track. When it comes to new single “Look“, I approached the song with renewed optimism. Hearing previews of the retro chorus, it seemed as if the group were finally heading back to a more lighthearted, melodic sound. And that euphoric chorus is indeed special. It’s just a shame that everything surrounding it feels like such a mess.

The best instincts point towards a 90s deep-house reinvention, which would make for a dynamite match with GOT7’s charms. Its hook pulses with a bright, catchy energy that could have easily sustained an entire song. Instead, the verses of “Look” plunge into a murky, somewhat formless blend of forgettable melody and hip-hop. I can’t even describe how unpleasant I find this particular approach, as it kills all momentum and seems more intent on serving the members than the actual song. That noisy introduction to the second verse is emblematic of this problem, throwing so many instrumental elements into the mix that the end result becomes a muddled gray rather than the prism of colors it seeks to be. To me, this is the very definition of a Frankenstein track, cobbled together from disparate parts. Its dual tones couldn’t be more different. And while this structure can prove quite dynamic, the pieces of “Look” clash rather than compliment each other.


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