We were robbed of a version of SHINee centered around RAP GAWD Minho and I am inconsolable

On the reality show ‘Keyword #BoA‘, Key reveals to BoA that originally SHINee was going to debut with a rap concept because SM Entertainment thought they couldn’t sing sufficiently.

That’s major news to me, because it likely would’ve meant things would be centered around RAP GAWD Minho and it would be his glorious flow that would become SHINee’s signature. And it’s a goddamn shame that didn’t end up being the case. Sure sure, SHINee has seen immense popularity with the concept they ended up with, but that surely pales in comparison to the level of fame and success we’d be talking if Minho was allowed to take the reins and mold SHINee’s sound around his rhymes.

I’m mad online.


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