This Is So Stupid: EXO all personally betray me as MLB models except for best boy DO

EXO are helping MLB sell shit, which is fine in itself, but I truly wasn’t prepared to be personally attacked by all of the EXO members.

Every single fucking one of them is wearing Yankees shit. What in the hell is this? Et tu, Xiumin? The game is cold.

Thankfully, there was one beacon of hope in all the messy backstabbing, and that beaming North Star was DO.

God bless. Every other member besides DO is dead to me.

Oh, but surely the brand manager for MLB choose which teams they would wear and not the members themselves.

Don’t give me that shit. I have confirmed with my sources that all the EXO members were given a choice, and seven of them choose the Yankees just to antagonize me, and they all did so with a hearty chortle to boot. However, my spirit animal DO, the serial killer with the heart of gold, choose to shuck off the handcuffs of peer pressure and instead choose to pander to a market of one foreign Dodger fan in particular to show his appreciation of my undying dedication to him. And that is why DO is the best boy, the golden child sent from Satan.

I love you.


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