Name of Cube Entertainment’s new girl group, ‘Idle’, confuses in two languages

K-pop having bizarre group names is nothing new, but usually they’re weird in either Korean or English. Cube Entertainment‘s new girl group, named ‘Idle‘ and involving Jeon So Yeon, has managed the feat of confusing in both Korean and English.

In English, obviously it’s the perfect name for any number of generic insults.

Thankfully, Cube thought of making it shitty in Korean as well, and netizens were puzzled.

On March 22, Cube confirmed the debut of Idle (아이들). Their name might not sound too bad in English but ‘Idle’, pronounced ah-ee-deul in Korean, literally means children.

Seeing this, netizens reacted, “F*ck lolol They said children so I thought they were referring to the trainees as children so I searched and searched for their group name but it was actually children”, “Cube sucks at making names…”, “LOL so on music shows, they’ll be like, Children’s are singing this song titled “blank blank”! LOL so funny”, “Wtf… I can make better names than that”, “Seriously, this can’t be true… Idle??”, “Cube is crazy. At first, I thought it was Idol but it was actually Idle…”, “Cube what is this…?”

This is record time in fucking things up for Cube.


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