Big Hit denies relationship between BTS’s Suga & Suran, which was apparently a rumor

It’s always amusing when alleged relationships are denied in official company statements before the rumors even make waves overseas just because it appears to be sudden and unnecessary to us, and Big Hit Entertainment has recently denied that BTS‘s Suga is dating Suran.

On March 27, rumors started circulating due to photos of supposed couple items and a post on her Instagram with the word “yoongi,” which means “shine” in Korean but is also Suga’s real name. In response, Big Hit Entertainment commented, “The dating rumors of Suga and Suran are not true,” and added, “They have only worked on music production together.”

There were rumblings about something between the two since they worked together on “Wine” back in early 2017, but nothing that necessitated a company response. Still, I’m guessing that connection is the reason why the pairing has been put under the microscope by fans, and it’s now led to this.

As with basically all dating news though, my main reason for interest is the potential hysterical mess it leads to, but we have seemingly been denied even the chance for that here. A tragedy.


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