EXID’s Hani & Oh My Girl’s Arin flirt with each other at their showcases, plan a date

The budding relationship friendship of EXID‘s Hani and Oh My Girl‘s Arin is well-known by now, so much so that even their fansites do things together. Since both are having their comebacks at the same time, they used their comeback showcases to basically flirt and plan a date.

At the showcase, EXID member Hani shared how excited she is to be promoting her music alongside girl group Oh My Girl. During the interview, Hani said, “our fans said no matter how many wins we take, it’s already a win for us. Of course, I agree. I’m just glad I will be able to see Arin at music shows and listen to her new album.” In addition, Hani said, “I wish the both of us the best of luck with our promotions.” When the interviewer requested her to send a video message to Arin, Hani said, “Congratulations, Arin. I saw your highlight videos and teasers. You were very cute and pretty as always. I hope you stay healthy and happy for the rest of your promotions. I also hope that your positivity brightens your life. As a fan, I will always support you. Let’s eat Tteok-bokki, tempura, and Sundae soon.”

Oh My Girl Arin sent a video message to Hani at Oh My Girl’s comeback showcase on April 3. Arin commented, “as soon as the news of EXID’s comeback broke out, our members told me. Hani mentioned my name and said she wanted to grab a meal with me. Because I didn’t have a phone before, I wasn’t able to contact her. However, now that I have a phone and we will be promoting our music together, I will give her my photo card with my number on it.” Furthermore, Arin said, “I was going to buy her a meal with my allowance, but Hani said she wanted to buy me, instead. I will definitely pay, though.”

This is foolproof.

Dispatch won’t be able to catch them.


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