[Review] The Boyz use standout chorus to make impression with bright & funky “Giddy Up”

The Boyz debuted last December with “Boy” and it left such an impression on me that I didn’t even write about it. This time around they managed to grab my attention at least, because their teaser pictures for “Giddy Up” were like covers straight off cheesy romance novels. One might’ve expected that their comeback would have an equally cheesy song to match, but thankfully “Giddy Up” was a pleasantly surprising hit that connected with me immediately.

Cutting to the chase, the insanely addictive chorus is what makes “Giddy Up” a true standout effort. After building and building with a pre-chorus, it explodes jubilantly into the “giddy giddy up” hook that’s a win right from the get-go. The elements that follow only enhance the hook, as the rest of the chorus is a groovy multi-layered effort that is made possible by a standout foot-tapping melody that never lets up. The injections of bordering-on-falsetto vocals and the “go run run run” slow down provides subtle twists that all end up working and are key to fleshing the chorus out. By itself, that makes “Giddy Up” worthy of praise, but the rest of the song is generally quality as well.

The uptempo beat and guitar twangs create an outstanding foundation for “Giddy Up”, and it ends up as funky with a comfortable blend of retro and modern sounds. The bridge is worth mentioning as well since it does excellent work as a change of pace. It walks the tight rope of switching things up but not feeling alien to the song, placing emphasis on the electronic elements to give the rap an edgier sound compared to the otherwise cheerful overall atmosphere. Just in general, the members acquit themselves well, seamlessly passing the baton and keeping the song chugging along.

The Boyz weren’t on my map at all prior to “Giddy Up”, but they certainly have my attention now, and listening to this gives me the same feeling I had as when SNUPER jumped onto my radar. Where The Boyz take things from here is up in the air, but this is one of my favorite choruses of 2018 so far, and I’ve been particularly struck by how endlessly replayable it is. “Giddy Up” is just a lot of fun, and I feel like this will be sticking with me for a while.



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