SHINee’s Onew sexual harassment case dismissed, which was expected

Onew of SHINee has been predictably cleared by police in his sexual harassment case, which I say because the police had an uncooperative victim from the start and no CCTV evidence, so expecting anything else was unrealistic.

According to sources within the music industry, Onew’s sexual harassment case was recently dismissed, and he was cleared of all charges by the prosecution. On April 6, a spokesperson for SM Entertainment confirmed, “It’s true that the prosecution has dropped all charges against Onew.”

So now the mess has concluded, but nothing has really changed. The victim has maintained she felt sexually harassed…

A police source commented, “The victim has received additional damage as her personal information has been revealed because of press coverage. She signed the form to drop charges due to SM’s request, but she testified that there is no change in the fact that the sexual harassment occurred.”

…and this wasn’t even a case of he-said, she-said, it was just she-said, he-said-he-was-drunk.

Given that there’s no dispute from either the company statement or the witness (much less the victim), and that Onew himself admits he has no idea what happened, there doesn’t appear to be any other reasonable conclusion to make than he touched her inappropriately multiple times. Drunk or not, that would still only excuse his intent, not his responsibility, and it certainly doesn’t make what he did feel any better to the victim.

So it’s true that this may have been an honest mistake on his part because he was wasted, but it’s also true that the woman may have felt she was being groped by him. Hopefully Onew will at least try to avoid getting completely shitfaced from now on or something, since at least it doesn’t seem like it ends well for him.


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