TWICE return with “What Is Love?” and its wonderful reference-heavy music video

TWICE returned with “What Is Love?” recently, and it’s sure to be a hit like most everything they release is. I’ll honestly understand why, as it’s upbeat, light, and catchy, so it has public appeal in spades. I also thought that it did all those things in a rather generic way, and after listening to it repeatedly it kinda lost its luster (which I’m sure TheBiasList will explain in a review).

So instead of taking on the music, what I wanted to bring attention to was the music video, which was thoroughly engaging and fun (and gay) throughout.

Alright, so each members appears to have their own character from a movie that they’re portraying.

Nayeon – ‘The Princess Diaries’
Jungyeon – ‘Ghost’
Sana – ‘Pulp Fiction’
Tzuyu – ‘Romeo + Juliet’
Momo – ‘La La Land’
Chaeyoung – ‘Leon: The Professional’
Jihyo – ‘Love Letter’
Mina – ‘La Boum’
Dahyun – Uh … her Acuvue ad?

Perhaps most important, Sana‘s reaction to her scene with Jungyeon resulted in this…

…which reminded me of that ‘Survivor‘ meme.

It just works.

Also, as I mentioned before, it’s an impressively gay spectacle.

“What Is Love?” is just a well-executed music video born from a quality concept idea. Loved it.


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