EXID’s Hyerin speaks up to deny dating Monsta X’s Minhyuk, likely due to fandom mess

Following a pre-recording for ‘The Show‘, on which EXID and Monsta X are promoting, Hyerin denied dating rumors between her and Minhyuk.

Following the recording, Hyelin said regarding Minhyuk, “I didn’t say anything before in case people would misunderstand, but we really are not dating,” surprising fans with the straightforward statement.

Both Banana Culture Entertainment and Starship Entertainment have also released denials.

EXID’s agency Banana Culture Entertainment commented, “Hyelin and Minhyuk have been close friends since they were young. As a result, there were rumors among fans that the two are dating.”

MONSTA X’s agency Starship Entertainment also responded, “Minhyuk and Hyelin are not dating. They went to the same academy during their trainee days, but they are not anything more or less than that. We found out about the rumors for the first time through articles.”

International netizens have been surprised by this, but Korean netizens didn’t seem surprised.

1. [+570, -17] They really must not if she’s directly clarifying it like this;;
2. [+492, -45] Makes me wonder how hard of a time fans were giving her for her to resort to this. There’s nothing good to come out of being involved with a male idol.
3. [+340, -41] Sigh, I wonder how much emotional suffering she went through
4. [+296, -31] I’m glad she spoke up
5. [+112, -8] Honestly, when there are dating rumors between two idols, it’s usually the female idol who is harassed the most by fandoms
6. [+82, -8] Hyelin-ah fighting
7. [+101, -29] Apparently Hyelin had to clarify it like this because some disrespectful Monsta X fans swore at her face, tsk tsk. It’s always these rude fans who affect people the most.
8. [+79, -10] She must’ve suffered a lot over the rumors
9. [+69, -6] I’m glad she clarified this. Fans have been making up all sorts of Instagrams since before EXID blew up with ‘Up & Down’ and they’ve been dragging her for years over this
10. [+66, -9] She’s been suffering over this for years… find strength, Hyelin-ah!!!
11. [+66, -17] Wow how could fans swear and yell at her face right in front of her though?
12. [+61, -13] There’s no way she could’ve kept quiet when fans have been swearing loud enough for her to hear
13. [+46, -5] Can fans please stop lying about not swearing? There was a girl in a trench coat with short hair dyed brown and blonde and she was like “f*ck” causing even LE to turn around and look
14. [+43, -5] Imagine how tired she must’ve been for her to just clarify that they’re not dating on the spot like that
15. [+46, -10] Mon X fans have been hating on her a ton on Twitter ㅋㅋㅋ tsk tsk

They also allude to an incident that led to an outburst, which generally lines up with what one explainer says.

Even a Monsta X stan claimed to witness to it.

All that aside, logically, I can’t see why she would say something about dating rumors unless it was an actual thing. It doesn’t benefit her or EXID any to get involved in a dating mess, and it’s not exactly difficult to believe that at least a segment of a fandom was being shitty.

Well, at least there’s fandom drama potential, cause of course.


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