Nilo, a totally famous singer, is topping charts with 2017’s “Pass By” and fans are mad as hell

A singer by the name of Nilo is shockingly topping the charts with a song of his from 2017 called “Pass By“, and that has a lot of people extremely fucking pissed at him. Naturally, it’s primarily the fandoms of groups he’s beating out now going nuts, which are TWICE, WINNER, EXO, and WANNA ONE (1/2). Sajaegi accusations have followed, of course, but Major7 Company is denying it.

A source from Major7 Company, which is in charge of promotional activities for Nilo’s agency Limez Entertainment, commented, “There were no illegal actions taken on the digital charts. The claims of chart manipulation are not true.” The source added, “As a company that does SNS marketing and viral marketing, Limez Entertainment has a strategy with their own know-how, so this is how the good results were brought about.”

Needless to say, netizens don’t exactly believe him. But still, despite stuff like his Instagram becoming a toxic wasteland, Nilo is sticking to his guns and telling fans to ease the asshole.

What a glorious mess this is.

Look man, clearly all Nilo wants to do here is teach everybody a lesson about how obsessing over the hourly chart position of oppar and unnir is unhealthy and ultimately meaningless. It’s a public service.

Nilo, a man of courage, determination, and intelligence.

A true role model.

Nilo stans, unite!


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