X JAPAN’s deceased members HIDE and TAIJI will be at Coachella as holograms

X JAPAN has two performances at Coachella this year, one on April 14 and one on April 21. They’ll be headlining the Mojave Stage, and it was recently revealed that deceased members HIDE and TAIJI will be making appearances on stage in the form of holograms.

As the countdown to Coachella continues, legendary platinum-certified rockers and visual-kei pioneers X JAPAN are excited to announce that they will be unveiling a very special, deeply personal moment as a gift to fans. With HIDE (lead guitar) and TAIJI (bass) joining the band on stage as holograms, the band’s hypnotic stage show will be transformed into an otherworldly experience, bringing the band full circle in preparations for their first full-length album in over twenty years.

I know there’s somebody reading this who’s going to Coachella, so report back to me after you see the stage, cause I’m quite curious as to how this ends up going.


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