Miyawaki Sakura (AKB48/HKT48) already has a bunch of Korean fansites & is rumored center of ‘Produce 48’

Produce 48‘ is coming soon, and with it is Miyawaki Sakura of AKB48 and HKT48, which appears to be a thing for fans in Korea. Ever since it was been revealed she’ll be on the show, like a dozen fansites have popped up.





Shout out to the fansite that is just ‘I Love Your Face’.

Of course, this is understandable as there’s a reason why she ranked #4 in the most recent AKB48 Senbatsu Election, and it seems like the producers of the show themselves recognize it as they are reportedly making her the first center.

On April 18, a source from the industry told news outlet Ilgan Sports that a Japanese contestant named Miyawaki Sakura landed the center spot.

In response to these reports, a source from Mnet told news outlet Star Today, “It’s difficult to confirm anything. Please watch the show to find out.”

I get why people are confused as to why a popular member of AKB48 would even bother with the Korean market, but I honestly don’t really think it’s all about Korea. Rather, Korean entertainment now has a huge international foothold, so it’s probably just to take advantage of that to get seen by as many eyeballs as possible since the show has significant reach.

Anyway, kinda looking forward to this for once. Mess is coming.


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