[Review] B1A4 weave a beautiful & dramatic story on “Until We Meet”

Until We Meet” is the 16th B1A4 single that leader Jinyoung has composed, and his songwriting and producing skills show no signs of dampening. At this point, he’s developed a signature sound for the group — a stately, synth-kissed brand of melodic pop that feels at once powerful and dreamlike — and B1A4’s prolific Japanese releases offer a great opportunity to expand and deepen this style.

Free from the kinds of restraints that often define the modern K-pop comeback, “Until We Meet” is a straightforward pop ballad. But this isn’t some restrained, strings-and-piano affair. The track swells with instrumental drama, driven by a steady beat and layers of orchestration. Jinyoung’s productions always employ the most gorgeous of synths. They never sound trendy or canned, and the shimmering arpeggio that closes each of “Until We Meet”’s choruses is a perfect example of this.

More importantly, the song is structured to build towards an actual climax. The percussive pre-choruses are a cinematic treat, but it’s the final, knockout chorus that steals the show. As we wind up to an explosive key change, electric guitar enters the fray and B1A4 prove once again that they are really operating on another level. This is a group who has always succeeded at creating big moments, rather than simply plugging in pieces until they make a song. Like the best of their work, “Until We Meet” feels as if it’s weaving a story. These kinds of classic pop instincts are in short supply nowadays, making them all the more vital.


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