Old video of TVXQ’s Changmin dragging a sasaeng out of a taxi revealed

A dated clip of TVXQ‘s Changmin was recently uploaded to a YouTube channel, and the video apparently shows Changmin dragging a sasaeng out of a taxi.

On April 21st, one Youtube channel, チャンミン 88, uploaded an old clip of TVXQ’s Changmin dragging a sasaeng fan out from a taxi. In the video, it can be clearly seen how the idol furiously takes the fan out from the car. As he dragged her out roughly, the fan fell on her knees on the street. In the video, Changmin is also spotted to have arguments with the taxi driver.

Well … this is gonna be a mess if it spreads in Korea, which I know because it was a mess when something relatively similar emerged about JYJ (they apologized). Inevitably then, we know that one way or another fandom bullshit will take priority for many who are most passionate about this.

Anyway, from what we can see, Changmin definitely should’ve handled this situation better. There had to have been other avenues to resolve this apart from going after her in a taxi in the middle of the road and throwing her to the pavement. That said, it’s also inherently difficult to sympathize with sasaengs because they’re essentially stalkers (with TVXQ’s being especially infamous).

So I dunno, dragging one of them out of a taxi, likely to get the group to stop stalking him, doesn’t seem egregiously over the line compared to doing something like striking her. However, it still doesn’t excuse him resorting to being the aggressor and getting physical either. I expect diverse opinions on this, but it’s just one of those situations where I believe what he did was wrong, yet I do understand his reaction.

Should be interesting to see how this is handled by everybody going forward.


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