Indie Focus: Band 88 make a synth-pop impact with just 3 songs on ‘Twilight Zone’

I’ve been listening to Band 88‘s three-song EP, ‘Twilight Zone,’ consistently for about a week now. While I don’t know if I would really consider Band 88’s release an EP with only three songs, I do know they do make a good impact with the limited amount of songs.

With their single “Twilight Zone,” I get a cross between Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio and elements of Bye Bye Badman.

They’re classified as synth-pop, which ends up working because there is a good amount of added effects to the guitar, bass, and drums with a keyboard. Honestly, “Twilight Zone” makes me think that it was made for a homage clip or entrance into a room in a movie soundtrack. It’s got a lot of funk grooves and a rhythm that winds its way around your ears. The vocals have a lot to do with that because they’re really smooth and accented with each verse.

Aundrea” is a little brighter and sounds like a summer beach song. You can sit on a patio with a warm breeze and get lost. Even though Band 88 don’t have an exact same style, their music reminds me of how I feel when I listen to Akua, at least in that the melodies are excellent and you can enjoy the music without thinking about it.

Band 88’s nine-minute “Olympic” closes out the EP. Every time I hear the song, I think that it’s two or three tracks and I forget it’s only one song. Actually, it feels like it would be the opener during a live show. There’s a lot of build up and progression on the track, giving the audience a chance to get adjusted to their style.

Band 88 have a strong EP, though I would classify it more as single. I think they have a lot to say in their music and a longer release can show more of their individual color.


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