Hello Venus’ Alice wins court case against former company, awarded ~$75,000

Alice of Hello Venus won a lawsuit against her former agency, A Entertainment, and the court has ordered them to pay her ~$75,000 in compensation.

The lawsuit is in reference to her career prior to Hello Venus, when she was signed to A Entertainment and performed under the name Ora. During this time she experienced difficulties with the agency due to conflicting opinions on her outfits. The idol claimed she requested outfit changes but was ignored by her agency. In 2010, her music video was deemed unfit for broadcast and rated 19+ due to her revealing outfits and choreography. She filed to nullify her contract a year later, citing that the CEO had made her feel ashamed and insulted her character. She signed to Fantagio a year later and joined Hello Venus, but was then sued by A Entertainment for breach of contract. They claimed she “didn’t attend her schedule even when we did provide vocal and dance lessons, as well as outfits and MV production”. Alice claimed that she had not received proper training and management from A Entertainment, and that the agency also owed her 2 million KRW (AUD 2483). She also said they’d made demands such as telling her to serve at an adult entertainment venue. Eventually Alice won the case. The judge stated: “The agency claims Ms. Song violated the contract and did not carry out her schedule properly but there is no evidence proving this. Therefore, we cannot accept the agency’s claim on this case”.

That money is probably more than she made in the entirety of her career as an idol.

Jokes aside, though it feels like that actually might be true, the thing that stood out to me is her claim that they asked her to get involved with adult entertainment facilities. Ugly shit behind the scenes.


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