Wendy told “come to Kansas” at Red Velvet fanmeeting, I-netz & I-media get weirdly excited

Red Velvet held a fanmeeting in Chicago recently, and while interacting with fans, Wendy read a question that asked, “Is there anything you want to do this year and wish to accomplish in just this year?” One eager fan in the crowd shouted at her, “Come to Kansas!

She proceeded to say that she wanted to visit all the states.

Cool, but … good luck with getting SM Entertainment to agree to do that. We all have dreams, though.

Much to my surprise, international netizens were extremely eager to cover this event, to the point where it even caused them to start hearing things.


That claim was subsequently picked up by international media and it spread far and wide because of it, apparently without much thought given.

It’s rather odd, because even in the shittier quality video it sure as hell doesn’t sound like the fan shouted what many immediately assumed (supposedly in response to Wendy’s controversies). Eventually, somebody who was in the area of the fan who yelled at Wendy confirmed that the dude was just excited about repping Kansas, which also assures me that my hearing is still intact.

Guess we really do hear what we want, huh? Oops.


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