Actor Jung Hae In under fire from netizens for standing in the middle of a picture

Actor Jung Hae In recently won whatever a Star Century Popularity Award is at the 54th Baeksang Arts Awards, but netizens are only talking about how he took the center of a group picture.

1. [+8,067, -516] I’m not his fan or anti but what I felt from this whole situation is that while he could’ve accidentally been pushed into the center, you can tell that wasn’t the case when you watch fancams. He stood at the center from the start and refused to move. Even when a staff member told him to move over, he refused. I think that’s why this controversy is happening.
2. [+4,323, -257] Jo Seung Woo and Kim Nam Joo were sharing their spots but Jung Hae In stood center and basically refused to move. Suzy, who won her popularity award, had to stand in the back. How can he be so clueless at his age…
3. [+3,904, -145] Why is this controversial? Because Jung Hae In is the first rookie to act like this…
4. [+2,995, -91] Since when does being an ’88er still make you a kid? He’s 31 years old, he should know these things by now…
5. [+2,161, -362] Imagine if a female celebrity acted like this, what would’ve happened to her? Yeah, it could be a mistake, but if he was a female idol or celebrity, he would’ve been ripped to shreds online

Somehow this is actually a major blow to his image.

I dunno, maybe he was being a bit of a dick? But whatever man, if the worst thing against your image is where you stood during a group picture, you’re doing fine.


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