Indie Focus: Dasutt’s ‘Mak’ will remind listeners of Hyukoh, which shows their promise

From the first song off Dasutt‘s 2017 album ‘Mak‘, I thought I was listening to b-sides from Hyukoh. “Same Day” comes across with that distinct indie rock genre mixing that Hyukoh has made their signature, and this feeling flows through every one of Dasutt’s songs.

Comparisons aside, Dasutt have composed some excellent tracks. There’s a recognizable groove between the dual guitars, bass, and drums. The breakdown in the bridge of “Same Day” is a great solo for the guitar, and the mix of the track is perfect layering each instrument exactly where they need to be. I like how the bass and drums are on equal footing so it’s easy to hear what’s being played, and when the guitars join with the vocals, it’s almost like two layers that join together when necessary. “Tell Me What U Need” is probably the song that most people will hook people, because its laid back tone is great.

가식” is probably the most similar Hyukoh song that I heard. 한리우‘s vocals are excellent and would actually duet really well with Oh Hyuk. The one small gripe with Dasutt is the same as Hyukoh: all the songs start to blend and become similar. Meaning that while the songs are good, there’s not a lot differentiating them. In some cases, you can miss the end of one song and the start of another. I like this style of music, but it gets exhaustive because there never seems to be a strong crescendo.

Regardless of quibbles, Dasutt’s EP is great. This indie rock style can garner a lot of fans, and a comparison to Hyukoh might help them gain more attention. I do think they need a bit more variety in their songs, however, because each one feels like it’s an extended version of the song previous.


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