WJMK crossover sub-unit with WJSN & Weki Meki members is pretty interesting

Gonna be honest, up until now I had ignored the news of a crossover sub-unit WJMK because I saw the name and just assumed it was a WJSN sub-unit whose release I would cover later. However, it’s actually a crossover sub-unit consisting of Seola and Luda from WJSN and Doyeon and Yoojung from Weki Meki, and it obviously necessitates cooperation between Starship Entertainment and Fantagio.

It’s not even necessarily the members that draw my primary interest, but rather the logistics of this and how this project actually ends up doing. It’ll be far more interesting if this is a hit, just to see what both companies would prioritize afterward. Regardless, credit to those involved for going outside the box with this.


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