Nakanishi Chiyori does comedy, Goto Moe lifts, Ichikawa Manami does baseball in ‘Produce 48’ intros

The one-minute intros for ‘Produce 48‘ have started to be released, and three on the 48 Group side of things have stood out for me: Nakanishi Chiyori, Goto Moe, and Ichikawa Manami of AKB48.


Chiyori is understandably drawing praise for what is basically a comedy routine.

A lot of auditions made me smile or whatever, but only hers made me actually laugh out loud.


Meanwhile, Moe’s audition got my attention primarily because it seems like she lifts.

Actually, I hate her because she has better biceps genetics than I do. FML.


Last but not least is Manami, who loves baseball and can apparently throw the shit out of a ball.

<3 <3 <3

That said, I was supremely disappointed to find her Instagram populated by many pictures of her looking cute and zero pictures of her hurling a baseball.


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