Momo didn’t eat for a week to cut weight as ordered, other TWICE members share their stories

TWICE‘s Momo recently talked about taking extreme measures to meet JYP Entertainment mandated weights prior to debut, including eating ice for a week.

Then Jihyo, Nayeon, and Jungyeon also chimed in about their struggles to make mandated weights, including Sana passing out.

I recognize that there’s generally a certain image that one has to project as a celebrity, and that dieting and being in shape is part of appealing to the widest base possible and all that. However, this kind of stuff is honestly just rotting your body as well as traumatizing your mind, plus it’s pretty stupid to go by the scale to that extent anyway. I get it, but many do it reasonably by changing diet and exercise instead of basically starvation and weight cutting techniques used by fighters as if idols have to make a scalar weight to compete or something. Shit is silly.

Oh well, at least they provide mental health help, right?



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