Hwang Hana admits breakup with Yoochun + reported reason is her violating Yoochun’s privacy

A couple days ago there were reports that Yoochun and his gigantic tattoo of Hwang Hana had broken up, and soon after his company C-JeS Entertainment confirmed as much. However, Hana threw a wrench into things by replying to people on Instagram saying the reports were lies. Well now she’s changed her tune, confirmed the breakup, and just wants to be left alone or something.

On May 16, Hwang Hana posted a message regarding her relationship with Yoochun on her Instagram bio. She stated, “We’ve broken up so please stop. I have no interest in other people’s business, drama, or witch hunting. I’m not going to provide explanations at the moment. Also, I think people who spread words are worse than people who criticize. I’m sorry but I’m going to be blocking malicious people. Let’s only say beautiful words and see beautiful things and enjoy life.”

I … but you were the one who … forget it.

Oh yeah, as a nice amusing aside, the reporter who broke the news said they broke up because Yoochun didn’t like his privacy violated.

According to the Sports World reporter who broke the exclusive news, the couple broke up because Yoochun felt overwhelmed by Hwang Hana’s social media activities that exposed his privacy. The reporter stated, “Yoochun’s degree of stress and hardship exceeded the limit as his privacy got exposed through (Hwang Hana’s) social media live streams and he received harsh criticism from the public.”

Huh … I can see how the feeling of being violated might suck.


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