Police say actor Lee Seo Won brandished knife at female celebrity after she rejected advances

Actor Lee Seo Won has been under investigation by authorities after he allegedly tried to sexually assault (which I guess is technically sexual harassment) a female celebrity and then proceeded to threaten her with a weapon. Now according to ‘One Night Of TV Entertainment police are saying that the weapon he used was a knife.

Police stated, “A report came in for harassment. He was arrested for sexual harassment and special threats on location. The weapon was a knife. He was so drunk he couldn’t even control himself. He also cursed a lot.” A lawyer also commented, “If he’s found guilty after investigating, he’ll be prosecuted and undergo a criminal trial. I’m carefully predicting that the results will be out within a month.”

Given that this happened over a month ago, and that he made no excuses through a company statement and they actually apologized, it’s remarkable that he was just allowed to go on like nothing happened afterwards. Like if nothing else, you’d think this would’ve been reported on sooner, because it’s clear that’s the only reason he’s now reflecting (lol).

Honestly though, the fact that every report makes sure to mention how drunk he was, it makes me think he’ll somehow be back in a few years if not sooner.


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