Police make arrest in Yang Ye Won photo studio case, 3rd & 4th alleged victims come forward

The case of the photo studio accused of leaking nudes and sexually assaulting YouTuber Yang Ye Won emerged in K-pop circles after Suzy endorsed the government petition asking for a formal investigation into the allegations. Well the police recently made an arrest in that case, bringing in a man who distributed nudes of Yang Ye Won and other models. However, the man claims he is not the owner of the pictures and didn’t get them from the photographers himself, rather he obtained the photos from other sites and that he just distributed the pictures. Why? Apparently money, though he made less than $2000 off it. Police will go on to investigate where he obtained the pictures from, as well as continue with the larger investigation into the studio.

Meanwhile, while an acquaintance named Lee So Yoon had come forward previously and there were an unknown amount of unnamed victims mentioned in Yang Ye Won’s video, the number who have come forward are now four. The latest two have done so anonymously, and have generally told a similar story as the others to authorities.

While things seem headed in the right direction, I’m ultimately rather skeptical about the investigation. I say that mainly because it seems to primarily revolve around the leaked nudes stuff and not the sexual assault allegations, likely due to those being difficult to prove by now anyway unless somebody admits to it or snitches. We’ll see how things shake out, though.


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