C Jamm & Bill Stax among 8 charged for marijuana use, Just Music apologizes

Rappers C Jamm and Bill Stax were among the eight charged for marijuana use, and both have reportedly copped to it.

On May 29, the Drug Investigation Unit of the Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police Agency revealed, “It is true that the cases of C Jamm and VASCO violating drug laws have been forward to the prosecution. We are currently investigating the suppliers.” C Jamm has been arrested and is being held at the Suwon Detention Center, while Bill Stax (formerly VASCO) has been booked. Both rappers were charged for using marijuana several times at their homes from May 2015 until recently and have reportedly admitted to the charges. Six other people including producers and trainees were also booked.

Their company, Just Music, released a statement apologizing for the mess.

“First, we deliver a sincere apology for the displeasing incident. Our artists C Jamm and Bill Stax admitted their actions and are taking responsibility for them. Our agency will give an even more thorough care for our artists from now on and create an environment where the musicians can focus. Once again, we apology for causing concerns to those who love Just Music.”

Damn, right.

The American public is still waiting for Snoop Dogg to shave his head and make a grainy apology video where he’s barely able to get his statement out due to hysterical weeping.


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