DJ Maximite, “Pick Me” composer, releases apology after being charged for assaulting ex-gf

In early April of this year, DJ Maximite, best known as the composer of “Pick Me” from ‘Produce 101‘, was accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend multiple times. Recently he has released an official apology through his agency after being charged in the assault.

“My foolish actions have disrupted society, and have been a great disappointment and cause of concern to my fans. I want to sincerely apologize. I am reflecting on my actions, am fully cooperating in all of the investigations, and will accept the results of the outcome.” He continued to write, “I was planning to apologize after the investigation was closed, but I believed I needed to release my statement now as there continues to be coverage on the current situation. I am ashamed and resentful of myself, and I am deeply reflective on my actions. I will cooperate fully without a single falsehood, and I am ready to accept any outcome. I sincerely apologize and please ask for your understanding.”

The apology avoids specifics, but certainly seems to be copping to the charges.


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