Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon’s go-to dance is embarrassing + Gahyeon loves diversity

Honestly, there’s no reason to write about Dreamcatcher right now other than I have a bunch of Dreamcatcher shit I liked and I want to dump them all in one place publicly.


The most important thing is that Siyeon‘s go-to dance now is The Bernie, which is like five years past being trendy. I hate her so much.

A violent woman, pandering to American gun culture.

But she’s so hot, tho.



Looks like Guan Xiao Tong? Sure.

Also does comedy.

And wears ‘Sucks To Suck’ sweats.


Gahyeon loves diversity, by the way.

Woke queen, yada yada yada.


Bonus Yoohyeon ass and … I mean, everything.


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