AOA’s Mina wasn’t about to be hearing the drunk complaints of FNC’s CEO

Mina of AOA doesn’t have time for FNC Entertainment CEO Han Sung Ho‘s drunken problems and she told him as much.

On the June 7th episode of ‘Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope’, DJ Kim Shin Young asked her, “I heard you spoke informally to your agency head after having a drink?” Mina shared, “It was a few years ago, and it’s still a big deal. It was kind of traumatizing.” She revealed the FNC Entertainment head Han Sung Ho had drunkenly said after an AOA concert, “I’m going through a rough time, Mina.” Mina must’ve been somewhat miffed by his complaint as she responded, “Ah, you think you’re the only one? We’re more tired than you.” Mina continued, “Hongki oppa and the other sunbaes were there too. Thankfully, the label head doesn’t remember it completely.” Kim Shin Young advised, “Just say you never said it.”

Some will probably whine about this even though it was years ago, but if dude can oddly complain to her while drunk then she can tell him to fuck off while drunk.

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