Nana supposedly confirms at fansign that After School/Orange Caramel are done

After Lizzy left After School and Pledis Entertainment at the start of May, the company insisted that Orange Caramel could still be a thing and didn’t even mention the possibility of After School being done.

A source from the agency explained, “The members are currently pursuing different fields in accordance with their wishes, but Orange Caramel has not been officially disbanded. If a good opportunity presents itself later on and they were to release an album, we will not hold back from actively giving our support.”

Well now, if a fan account from a recent Missha fansign with Nana is to be believed, then both After School and Orange Caramel are done.

Take this account of a conversation how you want, but Korean fans seem to believe it’s legit at least. More importantly, it’s quite frankly the only thing that makes logical sense anyway.


Oh well, at least Nana is killing it in acting and modelling.


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