TST’s Kyeongha will leave group following reveal of probation due to 2014 sexual assault

TST‘s company, JSL Company, revealed in a statement that member Kyeongha would be leaving the group. That decision comes after it went public that he was put on probation for a 2014 sexual assault.

On June 11, the group’s agency JSL Company released a statement through their official fancafe. The announcement reads, “The TST members are very mentally exhausted and having a difficult time currently due to the halt of their promotions. As a result, TST member Lee Kyeongha shared his wish to not cause damage to the members and expressed his desire to leave the group.” The agency explains, “JSL Company, the TST members, and Lee Kyeongha have had thorough discussions since this. Respecting his opinion to focus on revealing the truth that is different from what is known to the world, the decision has carefully been made for Lee Kyeongha to leave the team.” “We sincerely apologize for causing trouble to fans with this incident, and we will work to notify fans with updates on the incident. JSL Company and TST will work to give back to the fans who always show support and love with better music and activities. Also, TST promises to work hard to be together with fans. We ask for continuous support and love for TST. Thank you,” the statement concludes.

Everybody was confused as hell about the agency leaving Kyeongha in the group, as it was basically killing the careers of the other members. However it seems like they wised up and removed him, which only makes sense since it’s kinda hard to believe a guy doing aegyo when just a few years ago he was chasing down a fleeing woman to sexually assault her.


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