Summary of Matsui Jurina & Miyawaki Sakura drama stemming from recent senbatsu election

Following the recent senbatsu election, there were a lot of accusations floating around regarding the behavior of #1 rank Matsui Jurina, specifically towards #3 rank Miyawaki Sakura. What there wasn’t was a clear summary in English of what exactly was going on. Thankfully, we recently got a better picture of what’s been going on.

The video of Matsui Jurina saying something to Miyawaki Sakura, complete with slow motion.

The translation of Matsui Jurina’s comments, including the parts that were wiped.

After the results, Jurina made a public apology to Sakura for her behavior.

SKE48 member Matsui Jurina made a public apology to HKT48 member Miyawaki Sakura for her inappropriate behavior. Matsui Jurina admitted her wording she tried to educate Miyawaki Sakura during the performance of 10nen Sakura in pre-election concert, she explained to the press it is because she likes Miyawaki Sakura and concerns AKB48 group’s future, she also said she had already make the apology to Miyawaki Sakura.

The hilarious thing, in my opinion at least, is that the way she said all this seemed to be almost mocking the fact that she had to do it.

So according to some fans, it was Jurina being arrogant and specifically cruel to Sakura. They then went digging for evidence of her being cocky, I guess.

Snatched the part.

It probably didn’t help that she took to Twitter, seemingly using a wrestling persona.

The next day she basically cut a promo by saying she’s gonna win it again next year.

A day after winning the 10th AKB Sekai Senbatsu Sousenkyo and being crowned the Queen, at the press conference held on June 17th, Matsui Jurina (21) was dressed like Kenny Omega, the IWGP Heavyweight Champion of New Japan Pro-Wrestling, a sport that Matsui Jurina is a big fan of. Matsui Jurina declared that she will be the true champion next year and said she will be victorious for a second straight year.

Wrestler Kenny Omega has an idol.

Anyway, I guess even one of her own stans felt the need to lecture her about behavior.

As you can imagine, the fanwar is raging in internationally, in Japan, and … shit even in Korea.

Buddy, ‘Produce 48‘ just got even more interesting, and you know Mnet is loving this shit.

While I understand to an extent why fans are upset and feel bad for Sakura, it’s impossible for me to not be entertained by Jurina’s antics. In fact, I think it makes things even better. Instead of just Sakura as a villain due to a shady past (they’re apparently close, but still, lol) — you know, stuff like gloriously responding to a scandal prank by weeping, leading people to think she cared a lot, only to find out she was crying cause it might fuck up sales when she was center — now we get Jurina seemingly leaning in to snake-like behavior with this gloriously shady shit. And I’m just gonna sit back and enjoy it.


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