BLACKPINK performance at festival cut off by staff, organizers must be commenters here

BLACKPINK were scheduled to perform four songs (“As If It’s Your Last“, “Stay“, “Forever Young“, “DDU-DU DDU-DU“) at the ‘Lotte Duty Free Family Festival‘, but that never happened due to interference from the organizers.

In the middle of their “Forever Young” performance, a staff member ran out, cut off the music, and huddled the members together. They then ushered them off stage and an announcement said that there were “internal conflicts” and that they would return later but they never did.

Just a bizarre scene and I have to assume some kind of explanation is coming cause that’s rather fucked up to embarrass them like that.


With that said, let’s cover the usual BLACKPINK comment section around these parts.

-“DAE think they’re anorexic and unhealthy and bulimic? KEKEKEKEKE. I’m gonna ignore the rest of K-pop, tho.”
-“Here’s my powerpoint presentation that objectively shows their music and dance is shitty. Also, as you can see, their sweg levels are shit as well. I totally don’t care though, I just wrote this dissertation for fun.”
-“DAE think they’re so fake and annoying and like OMG I’m totally gonna put them in the burn book.”
-“Oh man, I’m gonna take out my resentment of 2NE1 getting screwed over and YG being a piece of shit on them, let’s hope nobody notices!”

There, I got rid of the template shit, now you can find new stuff to discuss. Be creative!

Don’t get it twisted, the negativity towards their music or performances or stuff like that is not the issue here. It’s that personal attack type shit which would normally be considered out of line towards other idols is accepted around here when it comes to BLACKPINK for whatever fucking reason. It’s comically blatant at this point.

Look, I dunno what fanwars are going on outside the site, but on this site they get an exorbitant amount of comments on seemingly every article and the only people who get more overwhelmingly shitty comments are like Hwayoung and Hyoyoung (for a reason, which is fine). It’s rather ironic in that way, I suppose.


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