Meiqi & Xuanyi top ‘Produce 101 China’, show & agency give conflicting statement on WJSN availability

WJSN members Meiqi and Xuanyi finished first and second in the final voting for ‘Produce 101 China‘ meaning they will debut in the upcoming girl group Rocket Girls.

So all’s good, right? Maybe, but maybe not.

The show says that the two members will be solely with Rocket Girls for the entire span of two years, but Starship Entertainment has claimed that they will be able to return for WJSN promotions.

It was confirmed that Xuanyi and Meiqi will promote as the final lineup of ‘Produce 101’ in China. For approximately 2 years, the two members of the group will not be able to promote as Cosmic Girls.

The final 11 girls will be active as Rocket Girls in China. While the PD of the show said that the two Cosmic Girls’ members will not be promoting as Cosmic Girls and just focus on Rocket Girls promotions, Starship Entertainment said, “Meiqi and Xuanyi will have both Rocket Girls and Cosmic Girls promotions for the next two years.”

We know what Starship is claiming is possible since IOI members did it, but WANNA ONE members have not so far, and this being a Chinese show complicates things further. Honestly, I’d definitely be surprised if the two members found the time to do promotions with WJSN while in Rocket Girls.


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